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“We only close once a year!”

Visitors to the Woodstock Mystery Hole™ have for years enjoyed shopping in our E-Z access Gift Shoppe, finding souvenirs and magick accessories for the whole family.

What fascinating items you might find to delight and mystify?

Whether you’re simply looking for a memento for someone special, or you’re a serious practitioner seeking professional strength magick, do what thou wilt, you can’t buy more powerful accessories anywhere on Earth.

Give your spells a helping hand with our mix ‘n’ match mojo grab bag selection of Magick Mementos™. You won’t have to spend a bundle for fast luck that leaves the competition in the dust.

Mystery Hole Seeds, some as big a bowling balls, others as small as marbles, are available for planting to grow your very own Mystery Hole. Tradition tells us that if one digs a hole deep enough, and plants a seed at the bottom, a whole new Mystery Hole will appear.

Two dimensional replicas of the “world famous” Woodstock Mystery Hole offer convenience and economy unmatched by anything you’ll find in ordinary gift shoppes. The original one-dimensional Woodstock Mystery Hole replica is sometimes available for a one dollar bill—in advance.
An authentic Hole-in-a-Crate™ allows shoppers to take home a certifiable sample of the Hole. Plus, our new Hole Share Event allows visitors to take as much of the Hole as they like with them when they go. (Some restrictions may apply)

The Wishful Finder Stone™
Is it possible that the vibrations of the physical world and the electromagnetic vibrations pulsing through our minds could be mysteriously synchronized?

By visualizing what it is we want to find, we identify the specific spectrum of that object’s vibrations. This makes it possible, with a Finder Stone as a repository, to attune our brain waves to those vibrations.

Attunement seems to either lead us to the source of those vibrations, or somehow guide the item to us. We might find things lost, or things never had before. Lost people, animals, or inanimate objects might be found with the help of a Finder Stone. It is believed by some that actual materializations can occur when vibrations are “just right”.

The results from “team wishing” are excitingly unpredictable. When more than one mind attunes to the same wavelengths, forces are either cancelled out or amplified. A photo, drawing, or model of the desired object might help to harmonize visions and synchronize vibrations.

Caution: Never underestimate the miraculous power of a Wishful Finder Stone™ left at the bottom of the “world famous” Woodstock Mystery Hole™.

Finder Stones are available through our quaintly affordable Gift Shoppe, or you may bring your own. By bringing a container the same size as your Finder Stone, you have the opportunity to participate in the Hole Share Event mentioned above. Feed two cats with one bowl.

Pick up some big bargains from the U-pick priceless gems bin. We sell only “100% genuine” natural crystals.

Lick-and-stick bumper stickers, Vials O’ Vapors™, postcards, slides, fliers, Futuristic Snow Domes, and more are on sale in the reasonably-priced Gift Shoppe. All items carry our ironclad lifetime guarantee.

Our logo, emblazoned on the front of 100% organically-grown cotton T-shirts colored to reflect a vision of the Hole, glow in the light and in the dark, for only $20.

Original Mystery Hole T-shirts in vivid black are still available in men’s size XL for only $13.

Karmic disclaimer: The Woodstock Mystery Hole cannot be responsible for any karmic debts incurred by misuse of the sure-fire, fool-proof Magick Mementos found in our inviting gift shoppe. Influencing other people’s lives to suit one’s own purposes is a questionable practice.

See you at the Woodstock Mystery Hole™ Gift Shoppe!!
“Just two miles west off I-205!”sm

Although our Gift Shoppe only closes once a year, it stays closed for a long time.

*Some items may be temporarily out of stock.

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