At the Woodstock Mystery Hole. . . mirror wordplay sparks the uncovering of one of world's oldest archetypes - cleverest of diggers, that History Mole.

Symbolic of the spirit of determination for obsessed diggers everywhere, he stands silhouetted by moon or torch, perhaps now by trouble light, gripping his shovel, mumbling and smiling just a little. The dance of the History Mole is an ancient one, that brings to the nose tones of ore, turds, clay, fish and sand.

The History Mole in some ancient cultures with non-verbal histories was known as Molokai, an old wise digger who survived a major flood by digging a really long tunnel, and whose magic powers bring a bountiful harvest to gardens.

Some religious historians now attribute the miracle of the loaves and fishes to him, saying older information points to this event actually having been an unusually big bumper crop of bulbs and parsnips.

He is said to be a protector of gentle folk everywhere who pass through dark doorways. They say Molokai teaches us that the respectful and special task of uncovering dank and curious remnants of our past is necessary, if sometimes scary, and special guidance to artifacts is only given to those who have to courage withstand the revelation of each horrific or beautiful moment.

As a protector of healthy soil, Molokai reminds us that his shovel swings both ways. He is a champion of organic gardens and loves to collaborate on successive crop projects.

Perhaps some day, if we are allowed to read them, in the text of the Dead Sea Scrolls, we may find some written documentation of Molokai. For now, we welcome him back as a refreshing addition to our group of cultural icons.

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