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Tour the
“World Famous”

Woodstock Mystery Hole™

Oregon’s most incredible archeological site
“Just two miles west off I-205!”sm

How to play

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Zombie Croquet

Guide to the people’s backyard sport

You may already be a member of the

Universal Church O’ Fun

Good dogma, Fundial, Way O’ Fun, Fun Times

Beyond Survival: How to Sub in High Schools

Substitutes’ Utility Book

Stories about my subbing career

Home and Garden

In filling

Woodstock Neighborhood

Greenwar-Oregon’s misguided campaign

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The Church of the Latter Day Surf

“Abide and ride!”
The amazing tale of a 1970s Surfing cult waiting for the Big One in Bend, Oregon.

Respect for Life

pro-choice anti-abortion

Uniting Anti-abortion and Pro-choice philosophies to end unwanted conceptions

Barron’s personal page and contact information.