The Croquet Course

Croquet courses may be laid wherever space is available. Association Croquet rules demand strict measurements and pattern of hoops, boundaries, and stake. Layouts for backyard, Zombie, Extreme, Mondo, and other variations depend on local conditions and preferance.

“Croquet” 1864
Winslow Homer captures excitement of heated competition on cool greens.

“Croquet Players” 1865 Winslow Homer
Sloped greens provide a new slant to an old game.

"The Last Croquet Game of the Season" c. 1871.
Archaic hoop pattern in unidentified bastion of the British Empire.

Ill-advised location for “greens”.

Beaches provide a variety of ever-changing course conditions.

Upscale equipment is an option where available space is unlimited.
Burning Man, Black Rock Mesa c. 1998.

Extreme Croquet course on left, French on right.

Greens keeping by hand was a tedious process.

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