Making your own school folder

Data Sheet:
A one-sheet form to be attached inside or placed at the front contains critical information. Yours will end up different from mine, but this will give you a starting place. If you go to very many schools, you’re not likely to remember procedures a couple of months later.
A photocopied form with blanks to fill in and yes/no boxes to check may work for you.

Your pocket computer/phone, might be the best way to store this information these days. With photos of bell schedules, maps, and so on stored digitally, seating charts might be the only paper in your folder.

School name:
Phone number:



Names + phone numbers:

Logins + passwords:

Sign in:



What’s banned as school policy:

Hall passes:

Library: (map)

Adverse consequences:

Emergency procedures

Counselors: (map)


Maps are often unreadable due to copying, and lack valuable information. Copy and rewrite illegible room numbers.
Label rooms where you can find:

Bell schedules
Also include:

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