Picking up plastic and stuff

To do my part keeping trash, especially plastics, out of the storm drain, and eventually the ocean,
I enjoy going on litter patrol in my neighborhood.

Care to get involved? A good number of choices on The Street Sweepers™: site.
It’s Fun connecting with others helping keep our city tidy.

A pedal-powered street sweeper featured in BikePortland November, 2018.

Danny Dunn is Portland’s pedaling trash picker-upper.
Danny uses a hardier grabber that won’t pick up dimes, but is perfect for polo-style grabbing.
When there’s much litter, biking is too fast, as is plogging, picking up litter while jogging.

Abandoned cars are too big for the trash bag, so we have to call in the professionals.
The abandoned car hot line is 503.823.7309. You answer prompts, and it’s not anonymous.
We don’t want to have our neighbors’ cars impounded, but it’s obvious when a car hasn’t moved in a long time and isn’t likely to move...
maybe never again on its own.
A large bright sticker is put on the window for a week or so before it’s hauled off.

A car might be stolen and then abandoned. Thanks to Portland Police Bureau, you can check any state plate to see if reported as stolen at 503-823-0044.

If a vehicle is egregiously violating parking regulations, and a note on the windshield doesn’t seem adequate, we might want to call Parking Enforcement at 503.823.5195.

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