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I was born naked at an early age in Washington and Oregon. Now I live luxuriously in the Woodstock neighborhood of Southeast Portland.
I might fill in the space between those sentences over time.

Constructing the great wall at the Mystery Hole
Fun with summer construction projects 2011

Picking up plastic and stuff

To do my part keeping trash, especially plastics, out of the storm drain, and eventually the ocean,
I enjoy going on litter patrol in my neighborhood.

Care to get involved? A good number of choices on The Street Sweepers™ site.
It’s Fun connecting with others helping keep our city tidy.

A pedal-powered street sweeper featured in BikePortland November, 2018.

Danny Dunn is Portland’s pedaling trash picker-upper. Danny uses a hardier grabber that won’t pick up dimes, but is perfect for polo-style grabbing. Also in BikePortland, October 2018. When there’s much litter, biking is too fast, as is plogging, picking up litter while jogging.

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